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Calming the Chaos

Historically, the management of event crew such as Company Staff, Freelancers, Local Crew and transport logistics has been a challanging process of emails, phone calls and text messages for availability checking, data information sharing and communications.

Now for the first time ever, all event information can be found in one “all access” place.

Crewnet is proud to be the first and only platform to solve this fragmentation headache by using a simple to use multi-tiered account type architecture allowing project managers to create crew calendar events, automatically check the availability of staff and freelancers through centralised calendar sharing, instant messaging, file and information sharing, time keeping, purchase order management and the list goes on…

Managing information and crew simply wouldn’t be enough without dedicated per-event chat feeds and private in-app messaging. Again, none of this would be effective without Freelancers, Project Managers and Staff Members not only having access to our comprehensive Web Application, but also having IOS and Android apps that create a live eco system of sharing data and communications while on the move.

As a company project manager you have instant access to a Freelancers experience profile, CV, PLI information, Rigging and Height Access Certificates and Drivers Licenses just to start with. When required you also have the ability to search for new freelancers, or new full time staff, by technical expertise and location by utilising our free easy to use job board.

As a Freelancer you now have a new work calendar on steroids! Trawling through your emails is now a thing of the past. You have all your event information in one place, including your personal PO’s, flight and hotel information, or any other personal files shared with you. You also have access to our forums as a free added feature.

Managing and chasing invoices is a freelancer’s biggest bug bear, so as a matter of priority we took great care in integrating a full accounting package that automates your invoicing process, expenses, tax and vat returns.

Our current offering is just the start. Moving forward we are currently investing more resources into forming relationships with Public Liability Insurance companies, opening up our online store and constant software updates

Please see How it Works for much more information.


Freelancer Features

  • Collaborative Freelance Calendar

    View and manage all of your requested and confirmed events, or simply create your own unavailability.

  • File Sharing

    View and download all crew event files or personally assigned such as PO’s, flight and hotel details

  • In-App Messaging

    Either personal message any other PM or Crew Member or get involved in the event group feeds

  • Search

    Search the Crewnet Directory for any other company, freelancer or your event history

  • Forums

    As an account holder you get to join the Crewnet community free

  • Job Board

    View, manage and apply for either Full Time or Freelance positions right from your own dashboard free **(Comming Soon) **

Events Company Features

  • PM and Staff Scheduling Calendars

    Projects Managers get two calendars which seperate their own crewing events from their personal scheduling

  • File Sharing

    Add and manage files to all attached event crew or privately to individual crew

  • Create Collaborative Crewing Events

    Every PM account is able to create, view and manage company-wide crewing events

  • In-App Messaging

    As a PM you can search and message any Staff Member or Freelancer regardless of privacy permissions. Also, group message all attached crew from the Event Feed

  • Search

    Search the Crewnet Directory for new or existing Favourite Freelancer profiles regardless of privacy permissions

  • Unlimited PM or Staff Accounts

    Every Company Master Account is able to create unlimited Staff and PM accounts, Favourite Venues, Client Contacts, Privacy Permissions and much much more....

  • Job Board

    If you don’t wish to use our advanced search facility to find the right Freelancers or full time Staff, then simply create focused Job Board adverts to get the right people to come to you

crewnet was built for you

We built in hundreds of different roles and sub roles within each industry sector and discipline. Here are some of the sectors Crewnet caters to...

  • Live Touring
  • Audio Visual Events
  • Theatre Production
  • TV/Film
  • Hotel Staff/Porters
  • Studio/Outside Broadcast
  • Transport Logistics
  • Music Venues
  • Conference Centres
  • Local Crewing


We have a strong responsibility to protect your personal data, and to do this we had to take a number of measures that fall in line with UK data protection laws. All data moving between any of our applications over the internet uses 256bit bank grade encryption, and managing and storing all your data is then held on UK only servers with a 99.2% uptime SLA.

We also guarantee that absolutely none of your information gets shared with any other third party, ever!

Please read our T&C’s and Privacy information for further details

Job Board

Though Crewnet is primarily focused on managing already known trusted Freelancers, we also realise that finding new quality Crew or full time staff is vital within our small dedicated community.

Whether you’re a Project Manager posting for a new position from your own control panel or a Freelancer applying for that post, both user types can enjoy all the benefits of our Job Board free of charge.

Recruitment Agencies

If you are a recruitment agency and would like to advertise with us free of charge, please get in touch by visiting contact us page.


At the heart of all collaboration is trackable communications. In the past this was done by email or even text messaging in emergencies. Trawling through thousands of emails trying to find out who got what while making sure nothing accidentaly overlapped is an extremeley painful and time consuming process. Not only that but when there is a last minute change, an email would have to go out to all the event crew notifying them of the change.

Crewnet has incorporated live instant messaging per event in two diferent ways:

- Using the Group Event Feed which acts like a ‘Whatsapp’ group, enabling communication to all those members assigned to the event, or...
- Using the Private Messgaing option allowing confidential communication with one or more crew members.

All instant messages and noifications popup on your phone just like a text message.

Our Story

1. Idea

Crewnet Beat was born out of the frustration of personally experiencing the same crew often getting double booked for different events within the same company, or freelancers and project managers not remembering if they were even requested or confirmed for up and coming events. “Now where is that email or text?”. That gut wrenching phone call... “Where are you?” or “Did we book her flight and hotel?”...at 2am.

For PM’s and crew booking staff this often included the logistical difficulty of balancing the workload of company full time technicians and project managers.
Then when it was quiet freelancers would send in their available dates to every contact in their arsenal only for these emails to be forgotten about or only re-requested when times got busy. That cyclical yoyo of feast or famine.

Like all busy freelancers, many get frustrated by having to trawl through hundreds of emails to simply generate one invoice, find hotel and flight information, what crew were they working with? What was my event role? Who is the reporting project manager? Check call times, dress code...and the list goes on and on…

There had to be a better way.....

2. Realisation

How was it that within our extremely fast paced thriving industry, where we are all constantly on the go there was not a single solution for effective communications, centralised crew availability and collaboration between freelancers, local crew, company PM’s and their staff. A system that truly brings the industry much closer together.
Maybe another version of the Google calendar or a generic freelancer job site was no longer going to cut it.
We don’t just need more crew, we need far better management of what highly skilled crew we have.
In order for Crewnet Beat to be successful it needed to become a Swiss army knife of eventing tools, offering a complete all round solution to an industry we all love, work and play in.

A few of us sat down and took every minute of our individual 25 years experience and began designing a centralised system that actually works for everyone.

3. Launch

Years of very long exhaustive hours, technical challenges, courage and industry knowhow finally manifested into an industry collaboration tool that does exactly what it says on the tin.
Of course, a community and collaboration requires all of you too. This is our livelihood and we genuinely believe Crewnet Beat has the ability to open up every connecting door of opportunity between all aspects of our industry.

During our Beta stage, Crewnet Beat will remain free for everyone to try out. We welcome any input, so please get involved and send us your feedback, feature requests or bug findings.

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