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CrewnetBeat, how event crewing will change forever!

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Step 1

Register for a freelancer account here

Currently while Crewnet is in beta stage, all accounts will be free until further notice. Our beta stage will last for at least three months, or even longer as we integrate more features.

Step 2

Fill out your profile in as much detail as possible. Crewnet allows you to easily create multiple discipline experiences, and therefore the more details you provide, the more likely you will be found and booked based on the these accurate experiences.

Remember to add your CV and profile picture. We would suggest a friendly clear picture of your face as this will help you recognise crew and project managers you have never worked with before.

A friendly face also goes a long way when new potential suppliers are looking for new experienced crew.

Step 3

Once your profile has been filled out, get in touch with all your existing suppliers and ask them to search and add you to their favourites tab. Once you are added you will then be seen, depending on availability, by every project manager and will be a part of the team.

If by any slim chance one of your suppliers is not yet on Crewnet, get in touch with us and we will work hard to get them on board.

Step 4

Start using our dedicated Crewnet phone apps to manage all your new bookings. Even if some, or even none of your suppliers are not yet on Crewnet, our apps work exactly like a standard phone calendar.


Step 1

Due to privacy and security reasons, company accounts cannot be created via the self-registration process.

Please register your interest here

Step 2

Once you have registered your interest by filling out our short contact form, you will receive an email confirming your interest.

We will then contact you as well as go through a number of checks ensuring your business role within the industry. This would also allow us to introduce ourselves and offer any training if required.

Step 3

Once our admin approves your account, you will receive an email asking you to continue your registration process, where in which you will then be able to log into your account.

Step 4

Add all of your internal staff, then search the Crewnet directory for all of your trusted known freelancers before adding them into your Favourites tab.

Step 5

Create your first event and start enjoy a faster way of managing all your crew.

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