Certain sections of this site may automatically collect user related information (via cookies or collection of IP address, etc) and in other sections users may at will submit other personal information about themselves. The collection / submission of such information pertains to the Privacy Policy outlined herein which by intent is to provide users with optimal levels of privacy while providing an acceptable and adequate level of service and functionality free from misuse.

  1. Data Privacy and Protection
  2. Personal Information
    1. Freelancers
    2. Companies
  3. Automatic Data Collection
    1. Cookies
    2. IP Addresses
    3. System Specifics
  4. Consent to Policy and Change
  1. 1. Data Privacy and Protection:

    Your privacy is very important to us. We handle your personal details with great care and in confidence to ensure that they are not in any way accessible to unauthorized third-parties unless otherwise ordered by judiciary bodies.

  2. 2a. Freelancer Personal Information:

    Your personal information including your CV (where applicable) will be available to companies who are in a position of offering you work. It may also be available to other registered Crewnet users depending on your choice of defined settings.

  3. 2b. Company Information:

    Information about companies who register with Crewnet will be available to other registered users including freelancers and employees of other registered companies.

  4. 3. Automatic Data Collection

    This site contains features or subcomponents beyond the scope of this site that may automatically collect information from users. Where this Site is of concern the collection of information is specifically for reasons and via mechanisms outlined herein. 3a. Cookies: This site uses cookies for storage and tracking purposes relating but not confined to: site usage, authentication and user preference. 3b. IP Addresses: This site collects IP addresses to ensure that the provided services are not in any way misused. These addresses may also be used for statistical purposes. 3c. System Specifics: Along with IP address other information relating to platform, browser types, time and dates of user systems may also be collected solely for internal purposes of security auditing, trend analysis and system administration. This information can not in any way identify users personally and is used generically to build demographical information about user groups for aggregate use.

  5. 4. Consent to Policy and Change:

    By using this site you agree to accept the outlined privacy policy as published here at the time of your visit. If you have any further queries or suggestions please click here to contact us or write to us at: Crewnet Global LTD, 5H, Main Drive, East Lane Business Park, Wembley HA9 7NA.