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How does Crewnet Beat check freelancer availability while respecting general calendar privacy?

Crewnet uses a complex algorithm that goes through a number of checks to see who is available, not available and most importantly, partially available.

No other person but you is able to see the name of any other company/person you may be working for when the system checks your availability. What goes on outside of the requested availability check is your business only. No one but you gets to see your calendar.

Crewnet Beat will only display your name when you are available within, or on, the required times, that there are absolutely no overlaps.
Likewise, if you are completely not available within, or on, the required times, your name simply won’t appear in the availability list, but rather as unavailable.

You will be shown as partially available when any part of the requested times, even down to one minute, overlaps another confirmed event within your calendar. The PM can then select your name and see what times you start and finish that overlapped event only. This allows for possible flexibility and dialog to move things around if needed. No other information is given.


Does Crewnet Beat create warning checks for events that are very close to one another?

Yes. When a project manager checks availability for their own internal staff, the PM will be very clearly shown a warning when any of their internal staff are finishing or starting another event with 6 hours of this one starting or ending. This is so PM’s are aware of the wellbeing of their own staff.

When searching for Freelancers, the project manager will not be warned, or even be aware that the freelancer is cutting in fine between events. In this case only the freelancer will be warned they have little rest between events at the point of either accepting or declining the event request. This then leaves the freelancer to choose if they need the travel time or rest between events.


Can I request to withdraw from the event once confirmed?

Yes. Within the “My Schedule” section of your event overview page, there is a “Request Withdrawal” button. This will manage the process of requesting your need to cancel or withdraw from a confirmed event. Your reporting project manager will manually need to remove you.


Can I add my Crewnet Beat account to my existing Apple and Google calendars so I don’t have to use two apps?

No. The only way Crewnet Beat is able to check your availability is to check against our own application ecosystem. Pushing or pulling data into other calendars will only create confusion. Also, as more companies start using Crewnet Beat you will be very rarely entering your own events into the Crewnet calendar. The system will be automatically doing it for you.


What checks do you have in place against any scrupulous company forming an account and gathering freelancer data?

No company would be able to form an account without our own admin team pre approving the account. Before we authorise the company account we will do our due diligence to ensure the company abides to our privacy and fair use policies. This includes making sure they are well known and established within the industry.


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